Why monitor bug disinfestation jobs remotely?

Monitoring progress and status of a disinfestation task is required for all kinds of disinfestations, chemical heat or other. It’s how exterminators and other professionals determine if their work has been successful or not.

With chemical treatments, you will most likely have to rely entirely on your eyes and the application of bug traps. Even if you’re able to correctly determine that adult bugs have indeed been completely eradicated, you’ll never know in terms of eggs. Chemicals don’t kill them, and you can’t see them. So, if they are in your room somewhere, you can be certain they still contain life.

In contrast, for pest control based on heat treatment, it is possible to utilise remote-controlled technology in ways that guarantee 100% eradication of all bugs, larvae and eggs. Keeping a sustained temperature of any room or building between 50-60°C for around two hours is proven to kill all bugs, larvae and eggs. They simply die from dehydration. Raising the room temperature itself to that level is pretty simple. The difficulty lies in making sure you reach the temperature level everywhere in the room. Under flooring, in wall cracks, below cushions, etc.

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heat treatments resolve them better than anything else.

That’s but one place where intelligent remote monitoring can help. The concept is quite simple. A number of wireless temperature and humidity sensors are placed at various location in your room/area. Some of them near or in areas known to be difficult to heat up to the right temperature. The number of sensors required depends on the individual heat treatment task.

Then, the sensors connect to a GSM unit placed nearby. This unit collects data from several sensors and then sends it via GSM to the cloud. From the cloud, all data can be made available through a website dashboard.

The dashboard helps professionals administer numerous ongoing disinfestation jobs. Based on near-realtime data, the dashboard visualises temperature and humidity levels along with duration thereby enabling exterminators to know exactly when the job is done and all bugs, larvae and eggs have been eradicated.

In addition, the remote solution saves all tracked data in a dashboard archive log. This can be utilised to document all bug pest control jobs.

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Download our eBook “Bug Pest Control Using Heat”