Ventilator MASTER DF 20

Air displacement ERP / IE:
6.600 / 6.600 m³/h

Power supply:
220-240/50 V/Hz

Product size (l x w x h):
690 x 200 x 675 mm
Fan speed:
Power consumption:
98 / 100 / 107 W
18 pcs
Packaging dimension (l x w x h):
700 x 210 x 685 mm
Outlet diameter:
50 cm
Fan type:
IP 44
Net / gross weight:
9 / 11,5 kg

Model description

Adjustable air stream
360° rotation
Vertical and horizontal 360° rotation
Might be hang on walls or ceilings
Powder coated casing


DF 20P has vertical and horizontal 360° rotation
Fan speed adjustment

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Where to use

Increases ventilation in rooms with distinctive odours Rooms that require increased air circulation Supports heating and cooling devices Directional air streams in photo studios and theatres Engine cooling in engine test houses