Master offer consists of both evaporative and refrigerated air conditioners. They can be used for home and office applications as well as in industry.
  • Portable air coolers

    Portable air coolers

    Master Coolers cool the air using a simple natural process: the evaporating water decreases the temperature of the air. A pump takes the water from a tank and wets a wide filter of natural cellulose.

  • Stationary air coolers

    Stationary air coolers

    An energy saving and environmentally friendly evaporative coolers for climate control of large facilities. It creates a comfortable indoor climate with optimal combination of temperature and humidity.

  • Air conditioner MASTER AC 24

    Air conditioner MASTER AC 24

    The AC 24 Air Conditioner is a mobile unit developed primarily to provide air conditioning in temporary or transportable buildings or tents. The AC 24 is designed for placement outside with supply air and return air ducted to the tent.