SM 4.0 - remote control system



The most advanced coolers controller on the market
It can control up to 31 units of Master BCF 231
Easy to use centralized control panel
All main cooler’s functions can be set up via cloud on laptop or smartphone
Very useful when coolers are diffi cult to reach or you need to control more than 1 unit

Main features

SM 4,0 start panel: protected by the password and available in 2 languages – English and Italian

It is possible to connect up to 31 units in one system.
The application allows to make the settings for each cooler separately or for groups of coolers.
Each cooler can have a status: off line, standby, running and fault.
The coolers which are installed and active are checked with white frame.
They can be grouped in smaller zones with the same settings which allows easy control
Each zone is indicated by diff erent colour – easy to fi nd to which zone a specifi c cooler belongs.

It is possible to set and check all parameters for each unit separately.

Possible actions:

Setting a local and target humidity and temperature
Checking the fault code - allows to easy control the failures during operation
Checking the water tank level
The Ampere box shows the instant current of the cooler. It is very useful for installation and for trouble shooting.
The settings can be made for one single cooler or for the group of coolers in the same area

At the cooler panel it is also possible to:

Set a timer and a weekly planner
Set the cooler’s functions: to cool, to ventilate, to exhaust, to swing, to clean
Select fan speed motor and then the airfl ow as well

For BCF stationary air coolers

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