Poultry farms heater - Master CF 75 Spark


MCS Group extends its range of products for agricultural needs. The MASTER CF 75 SPARK, a new gas heater designed with poultry producers in mind, has just been launched. With its technical parameters and specific design for operation in livestock buildings, the device climbs to the top of the list of the most effective heating solutions for farms.

The Master CF 75 is a gas heater that operates on LPG or natural gas. With gas being one of the least expensive fuels on the market, the device is amazingly economical and fully effective.

The heater features spark ignition that guarantees higher reliability than any other system. The device's output of 75 kW is optimal for poultry farmers' needs. The heating installations operating in poultry houses most often comprise several such devices, located a dozen meters from each other. This ensures proper air circulation and allows the farmer to either heat the entire building or just its selected zones.

The heater's components are made from premium quality materials and the stainless steel housing is highly resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. It should also be noted that the heater's elements are well protected against dust and impurities present in livestock buildings.

The device can be installed inside or outside the building. Depending on the method of installation, various accessories such as installation kits, chains and air splitters are available. As a standard, the heater comes with a conversion kit from LPG to natural gas.

More information and technical specification: Master CF 75 Spark