Not just blowing hot air - warmth within your reach

During the colder seasons, all kinds of heat-generating devices become the most sought after commodities. Ovens, radiators, fans are often talked about, both in professional and private conversations.

It turns out that, when we are taken by surprise by a chilly or frosty day, and the central heating is not enough or there is none, we most often use electric heaters. These devices are usually so small, that they can be used hassle-free virtually anywhere.

We plug them in, and before long the temperature reaches the level we wanted. But we should not forget to choose a heater which is sufficiently powerful to heat a given area. The Master family of products offers the models from 1 to 22 kW to meet the requirements of a wide range of users.

For the house and for the garage

Master electric blow heaters can be used both at home and at more demanding places, such as construction sites or warehouses. They are perfect for heating your garage from time to time, as well as to dry a fresh building or regularly heat chilly warehouses or offices. Due to their robust and durable structure, they can be used even in the most extreme conditions. They don't use oxygen, so they can also be used in closed areas. Silent operation, no exhaust fumes or odors and 100% efficiency are just a few of the advantages of these devices. Mobility is also one of their chief assets. The heater can easily be carried anywhere owing to its convenient handles and low weight.

The B 18 EPR model is also a clever solution, as a flexible hot air distribution tube can be connected to it. This works in situations where, for various reasons, the heater cannot be placed directly in the room to be heated. The tube, which is over 7 meters long, allows for delivering the heat anywhere without the need to install the device directly. To further enhance the mobility, the heater is equipped with a convenient handle and wheels.

Heating elements and fans

Most electric blow heaters work in a similar way. The air is heated by heating elements powered by electricity. Such devices also have to include a fan, which forces the air through the heater. The heat is exchanged through forced convection and radiation. Special dials allow for setting the required power and temperature.


Master electrical heaters use only certified top quality components, which ensures their reliability and efficiency. This was confirmed by the ENEC certificate, which means that these devices conform to the strictest European standards. During the design process for these models, optimal effectiveness was ensured by paying special attention to such features as the layout and surface area of heating elements, fan parameters and materials. The solutions used in their construction included transmitters that differentiate Master products from their Chinese counterparts. Each model in the Master family, except for B 18 EPR, is also equipped with an indoor thermostat, which facilitates the operation and temperature control.

Safety rules

Master electric heaters have a B class certificate, which means that they do not pose a threat to life, health, goods or environment, provided that they are used according to the manufacturer's recommendations. That is why, as with any electric appliances, you should remain especially careful when using electric heaters. Remember not to cover operating heaters, nor place them near curtains or other textiles. They should also not be used in bathrooms, swimming pools, nor any other places where they can come in a direct contact with water. Pay special attention not to place the devices in dusty places, nor in places where flammable materials, such as gasoline, solvents or paints are stored.