Mist and fog disinfection ARK 3


spray of water with ozone generation


spray of water for sanitizer product

Power supply:
220/50 V/Hz
Power consumption:
1.5 kW
Working pressure:
80 Bar
Max. temperature:
60 °C
Flow rate:
2 lpm - 25 nozzles l/m
Low pressure inlet:
½" quick connector
High pressure outlet:
connector included
Electrical connection:
Type C connector included
Water ozone generator:
Included on ARK 3 OZO model
spray of water with ozone generation
Automatic dosage:
Optional on ARK 3 SAN model
spray of water for sanitizer product

Gate box size :
2600 x 350 x 150 mm
Tank box size :
1050 x 290 x 3900 mm
Inox box size :
960 x 600 x 400 mm
Gate weight:
20 kg
Tank weight:
8 kg
Inox box weight:
70 kg

Model description

ARK 3 kit includes Gate, Tank and Inox Box
ARK 3 system pulverizes and projects small micro drops of water in the environment
Automatic disinfection for people and machines
Allows to deactivate virus and kills bacteria
Water UV treatment included
Automatic activation by presence detector and manual push-button
GATE in strong stainless steel INOX 304
High quality components
Protective box for housing pumping, filtering and disinfection systems
Optional temperature sensor
Easy and quick installation
Easy to adapt to different applications – modular system
Suitable for amusement parks, ships, campings, swimming pools, beaches, public spaces, industry, warehouses, shopping malls and restaurants, sport and leisure centres, entrance zones to hospitals and other public and private buildings, disinfection of people and vehicles

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GATE (1)

INOX 304 arch – 2.6 x 1.6m
Micro-drop high pressure
nebulization nozzles
Safety anchor to the ground
Automatic presence detector

TANK (2)

Capacity of 107 l
Water pump 12 V with safety
pressure switch
Low pressure connection
Anti-overflow security system


Storage drawer with lifting legs
High pressure mist pump
UV disinfection equipment
Control panel
(automatic/manual mode)
Manometric security control
Pressure control
Water ozone generator
on ARK 3 OZO model

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