The heritage of Master goes back to 1954 in the United States of America. Since that date, more than 6 million Master heaters have been sold and installed.

2019 - BV 471 and BV 691 - New approach

Master introduces new AIR BUS heaters: powerful, robust and multifunctional, with digital control of combustion.

2019 - BV 400
Innovative indirect oil heater with 2 stage burner

Master launches powerful indirect oil fired heater with 2 stage Master burner and separate air inlet for combustion air ducting.

2018 - SUPERMASTER 4.0
Remote control for stationary biocoolers

Master introduces the remote control system for BCF air coolers that enable to control all main functions of up to 31 units via Cloud.

2017 - DC61: The Hybrid Revolution continues

Master launches the first Diesel Hybrid heater on the market: 14V removable Lithium Battery-powered or 220V net.

2017 - BV500 with centrifugal fan: 700 Pa air pressure

The innovative BV500 indirect heater is now available on the European market with centrifugal fan, featuring 150 kW and 700 Pa air pressure. The control of the combustion is digital.

2016 - XL91 digital infrared heater

Master introduces the new XL91 Diesel infrared heater. The heater is digitally controlled.

2015 - New factory

MCS Italy moves into the new place - with bigger production hall and offices.

2015 - BV500 Intelligent Heater

MCS introduces BV500IQ heater dedicated to hard conditions workers in severe mountains climate: -40°C and 3000 meters above sea level.

2014 - BLP17DC: The Hybrid Revolution

Master launches BLP 17 DC, the first Hybrid heater on the market: 14V removable Lithium Battery-powered or 220V net. Fuel: gas.

2014 - BC: Portable adiabatic coolers

Master launches the first range of Portable Adiabatic coolers.

2014 - B300 Twin Heater

MCS launches Master B300, the first twin heater with one control panel and fuel tank. The heaters can work together or single.

2013 - DHP65, rotomoulded dehumidifer

MCS introduces Master DHP65, the first heavy duty dehumidifier with rotomoulded plastic casing easy to open: no rust, scratch-proof, easy access to the machine.

2012 - XL6, Outdoor Heater

Master XL 6 complements the range of infrared oil heaters – compact and easy to transport , allows to heat outdoor, thanks to the infrared technology.

2007 - New factory in China

A new production in Baoshan, China.

2000 - New factory in Italy

A new Master factory in Pastrengo, near Verona.

1998 - New factory in Poland

The first Master factory in Europe is in Poznań, Poland.

1954 - Master is born! Ohio, USA

The first portable air flow heater is introduced into the market. Master is born!

The old direct heater (front)

The old direct heater (front)

The old direct heater (back)

The old direct heater (back)

Deutsches Patent und Markenamt

Deutsches Patent und Markenamt