MASTER TS 3A electric heater

0,8 - 1,6 - 2,4 kW
2.700 - 5.500 - 8.200 Btu/h
690 - 1.380 - 2.070 Kcal/h
Infrared radiation:
long wave
Switch on/off:
Insulating class:
Product size (l x w x h):
398 x 413 x495 mm
Power supply:
220-240/50 V/Hz
Rated current:
10,5 A
Units per box:
1 pcs
Packaging dimension (l x w x h):
440 x 390 x 240 mm
ceramic infrared
Lamp life:
no limits h
Units per pallet:
32 pcs
Net / gross weight:
7,6 / 8,2 kg
Approximate area:
8 m2

Model description

Radiant heating
Instant heat
No oxygen consumption
No air flow, no dust
No fumes, no odours, no humidity
Low noise
100% efficiency
Variable heat settings
Short wave light
Life of the lamps: no limits
Lamp: ceramic infrared


Do not touch internal components of the heater.

How it works

Radiant heating

Our advice

For maximum drying efficiency use electric heater with a MASTER dehumidifier.

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Where to use

close environments agricultureconstruction garages warehouses shops houses offices cellars Recommended for painters, plasterers, tile setters, plumbers, etc.