Master heaters keep the artists warm

This year, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity played for children with urological and nephrological diseases. All over Poland, there were events, concerts and festivities to collect money for medical equipment. In Poznan, the stage was heated using Master heaters.

The main GOCC spot in Poznan was the stage near the Castle. As it happens every year, numerous concerts and auctions were organised. The MAKO company from Przezmierow was responsible for heating the stage throughout the event with mobile air heaters. Despite changing and cold weather, they ensured that both the artists and the hosts on stage could comfortably urge the audience to participate in the charity.

It was agreed, that the 12 x 12 x 8 m stage with a total surface of 1152m³ will be heated with two indirect oil heaters. BV 290 models were used, with a power of 81 kW each. When choosing the suitable devices, one should consider the fact that stages are not enclosed spaces and there is a constant influx of cold air. The heaters were placed on both sides of the stage, and warm air was distributed to the stage using tubes in the side walls of the platform. This allowed warm air to be evenly spread over the whole area.

Silver tubes were also supported on special metal frames. The tubes in sidewalls among the musical equipment blended in with the rest of the stage and did not disturb its aesthetics.

During the whole GOCC finale, the outdoor temperature was between 0 and 5°C. The heaters managed to rise the temperature on the stage to approx. 10°C.

Opposite the stage, there was the so called control booth. A tent of about 6m² was heated using a smaller, 20 kW Master BV 70 heater, also equipped with a flexible tube to distribute the warm air. The tube's outlet was located in the back wall of the tent.

The heaters kept working during the whole day, from 9 A.M. to late evening, when the event ended. Connecting the whole installation, as well as its disassembly, took as little as 30 min. A MAKO employee was present at all times to supervise the operation of the heaters. It is also worth mentioning, that the company also provided a backup heater, which was kept at bay in case of an unexpected failure of any of the devices.

A similar heating system was also used on November 11, 2010, during the Saint Martin's Street festivities in Poznan.