MASTER DHP 65 dehumidifier

Capacity (30°C/80% RH):
56 l/24h
Capacity (20°C/60% RH):
22 l/24h
Operating range:
humidity 30 - 70 %

temperature 3 - 45 °C

Air displacement:
500 m³/h
Power supply:
220-240 / 50 * V/Hz
Product size (l x w x h):
570 x 530 x 700 mm
Power consumption:
780 W
Tank capacity:
10,5 l
4 pcs
Packaging dimension (l x w x h):
730 x 580 x 840 mm
For rooms of approx.:
53 db(A)
Net / gross weight:
45 / 50 kg
For restauration after flood:

* dual voltage available

Model description

High efficiency
Heavy duty
Rotomoulded plastic casing
On board humidistat
Hour counter
Easy to open for cleaning
Can be cleaned with water jet
Large water tank with automatic shut-off when full
Possibility of continuous operation (24 h/day)
Possibility to connect a hose to remove condensed water
Possibility to have, at the same time, on board water pump
and on board water tank
Room humidistat socket
Automatic fast defrosting by hot gases
Air filter
Tank full indicator
Restarts automatically after a power failure


On board humidity control
Socket for remote humidity control
Hour counter
Water pump. Max. forcing height: 4m
4140.029 (R410A)
models to 2019
4140.441 (R1234)
models from 2020

How it works

Dehumidifying - air flow


Building industry, restoration work
Restoration after water damages
After floods in buildings, apartments, cellars
Protection from steam condensation
Sewage treatment, waterworks
Storage rooms

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Where to use

Storage rooms with products sensitive to humidity, such as: drugs, wooden and iron items, paper and leather products, electronic equipment Protection of cargo in containers from becoming damaged due to humidity