MASTER BV 500 CR indirect oil heater

Maximum / Standard Heating Power:
150 kW
512.000 Btu/h
129.000 Kcal/h

Total Air Pressure:
770 Pa
Max Air Temperature:
95 °C
Air displacement:
5.400 m³/h
Power fan motor:
2.000/1.600 W/rpm
Rated current:
13 A
Net weight:
198 / 254 kg
Flue tube:
150 mm
IP 44
Max Fuel Consumption:
14,31 l/h
Fuel Consumption:
12,19 l/h
Flex tube:
2x31 cm or 1x40 cm
50 m
Remote thermostat:
analog or digital
Product size:
2086 x 717 x 1233 mm
Tank capacity:
150 l
Summer ventilation:
Power supply:
220-240/50 V/Hz
Box size:
1640 x 690 x 1440 mm

Model description

Clean hot air
Very easy mobility
Very low noise (72 dB)
Very high air pressure (770 Pa)
Flue gas exhaust
Altitude compensation adjustment
Separate Riello burner with easy nozzle change
Easy access to the heat exchanger for cleaning
Fuel pre-heating
Summer-Winter switch for ventilation only
Socket for remote thermostat: analog or digital
High efficiency heat exchanger
Stainless steel combustion chamber
Forklift slots
Robust hook for crane hanging
Trolley included

Unique on the market, BV 500 CR is equipped with an air pressure
sensor and a temperature sensor.

The airflow of hot air is automatically adjusted according
to the measured values, in order to maximize the result
and the comfort.

IP67 Waterproof Control Panel and Electrical Circuit.
Includes: on/off button, ventilation mode.
Reset button, socket for remote thermostat: analog or digital


Room thermostat TH 5 with cable
3 m - 4150.109, 10 m - 4150.112
Digital thermostat THD with cable
5 m - 4150.133, 10 m - 4150.134
Nylon flex tube with bag, 7,6 m
1-way outlet
Ø 40 cm - 4515.361
2-way outlet
Ø 31 cm - 4515.360
PVC flex tube 7,6 m
1-way outlet
Ø 40 cm - 4031.401
Flex tube 2-way outlet
Ø 31 cm - 4515.553
(possible to connect to each other - max. 30 m)
2-way outlet
Ø 31 cm - 4034.480

Air recycling, Use 2 tubes - 2 x Ø 30 cm

How it works

Combustion system - air flow


Ventilation of the room
is neccessary to prevent
a deficiency in oxygen supply.

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Tips and tricks

MASTER BV 500 indirect heater

BV 500 has standard 1 output. Diameter 40 cm

BV 500 can be tilted for a comfortable access to the burner and to the electronic control panel

Large pneumatic wheels

Hooks for crane hanging

Fuel filter is outside. Fuel pre-heater is inside, within the combustion head

IP67 Waterproof Control Panel and Electrical Circuit.

BV 500 has windows which allow an easy access to the heat exchanger for cleaning

Powerful centrifugal fan,
low noise 72 dB(A)

The heater gets the fuel from the tank below but can also be connected to an external tank

When required, in case of relevant change of altitude, it is very easy to adjust the combustion

Easy air recycling
– use 2 tubes 2 x Ø 30 cm

A leakless fuel tank closure
and a big fuel level indicator