MASTER BF 75 heater

60,1 kW
205.070 Btu/h
51.680 Kcal/h
Fuel autonomy:
15 h
Fuel tank capacity:
90 l
Product size (l x w x h):
1220 x 540 x 1700 mm
Air displacement:
5.300 m³/h
Oil consumption:
5,9 l/h
Electric motor power:
0,560 kW
Box size (l x w x ht):
1300 x 780 x 2130 mm
Flue tube:
150 mm
Power supply:
230/50 V/Hz
Net weight:
173 kg

Model description

Large built-in oil tank with filter
Integrated burner with electronic flame control
and photocell cut-off
Fan limit thermostat with automic reset
Summer-winter switch for ventilation only
Centrifugal fan
Stainless steel combustion chamber
Excellent heat insulation with detachable panels
Wide inspection doors for easy cleaning
Built in thermostat

How it works

Combustion system - air flow


These heaters allow a very easy installation, almost plug and play.


I – internal
V – vertical
D – oil
example: BF 35 IVD

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Where to use

workshops warehouses industrial applications sport facilities (swimming pools, indoor tennis courts, gym etc.)