I choose Master portable heaters. Why?

Save money

MASTER heaters are plug and play,
do not need installation.

Choose your energy

Choose the cheapest or the cleanest energy you like: gas, oil, electricity.

Use the same device
in different places

MASTER heaters are portable.

Respect the environment

The efficient MASTER burning process minimizes pollution.

Heat only what you need

MASTER heaters can heat either large
or limited areas.

Buy only the power
you need

Further MASTER heaters can be added
if necessary.

Heat only when you need

MASTER heaters warm up very quickly.

Protect your investment

MASTER heaters last many years and can be easily repaired with spare parts available for 10 years.

Avoid overheating
and overspending

MASTER heaters can be controlled
by a remote thermostat.

I choose Master dehumidifiers. Why?

Save time

MASTER dehumidifiers speed up many renovation and construction works.

the investment costs

You can choose the capacity you need.

Choose the best solution

MASTER dehumidifiers’ offer is adjusted to many different applications such as industry, construction and also office or house.

Use the same dehumidifier in different places

MASTER dehumidifiers are portable.

Stay in
healthy environment

MASTER dehumidifiers prevent mould and bacteria development.

Reduce operating costs

MASTER dehumidifiers are energy saving.

Protect the environment

MASTER dehumidifiers use eco-friendly refrigerant.

Protect your property

MASTER dehumidifiers prevent damages caused by moisture in buildings and keep goods that are stored there dry.

Save money

Dehumidification process is much more efficient and cheaper than traditional methods where you need to heat up and ventilate the room.

I choose Master coolers. Why?

Use the same cooler
in different places

MASTER coolers are portable.

Improve the microclimate

MASTER coolers keep good
working conditions.

Clean the air

MASTER coolers help to renovate
and to clean the air.

Protect the environment

MASTER coolers use air and water
to cool. They do not require
refrigerant gases.

Use with pleasure

MASTER coolers are easy to maintain.

Work in healthy conditions

MASTER coolers keep temperature
and humidity on a comfortable level.

Master Bio Coolers
have never caused
Legionella disease