How can you prevent bug infestation?

There are several ways for you to prevent bug infestations. Firstly, all necessary steps should be taken to prevent infestations by removing food debris, sealing up nesting cracks and keeping all living spaces perfectly clean.

It is advisable to carry out periodic preventive treatment of the rooms using dry heat which will avoid spreading of bugs.

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Despite all preventive measures, it is always possible that an infestation will occur due to some bugs’ ability to fly or simply because they are transported by either people or objects. Therefore, it is good practice to monitor any bug problem through visual inspection, or even better, with the use of food or pheromone traps. However, it is important to keep in mind that only adult bugs are visible – eggs and newborn larvae are invisible to the naked eye.

The use of traps

There are many variations of traps on today’s market. Some are suitable for catching the Lepidoptera which infest foodstuffs, others are able to monitor, catch in or out of flight the Coleoptera. These traps have long been used in the food industry, but it is also appropriate to use them in artisan production environments such as bakeries and pizzerias to promptly eliminate the onset of an infestation. The same traps can be used in a preventive manner as well.

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Download our eBook “Bug Pest Control Using Heat”