Field hospitals and camps

Temporary field hospitals and camps require the installation of professional air handling solutions in order to create a healthy and comfortable environment for both patients and personnel. Depending on location, weather conditions and application purpose, these can be required to deliver varying degrees of heating, cooling or dehumidification to the interior.

Master offers a full range of portable solutions that can all be installed quickly and easily without the assistance of specialised installers. This makes them ideal for emergency situations.


Portable heaters for tents and other temporary applications

The size and purpose of your temporary application is decisive to your choice of heater.

Indirect oil heaters are very popular for heating military and emergency camps due to their ability to instantly deliver 100% clean, dry and fume-free warm air. Placed outside, they will deliver heating through flexible ducts. For protection, they’re often fitted with protective rain covers. Our range of units will fit any tent size, and they can be equipped with two-way outlets for heating two tents with just one unit.

Electric heaters offer a great alternative to indirect oil heaters in camps where a safe and steady supply of electricity can be ensured. Electrical heaters are to be placed inside your tent or other temporary application for best performance.


Solutions for open or closed tents of all sizes

Portable air coolers and air conditioners designed for any type and size of tents or other temporary structures. Master air coolers utilise the natural process of evaporation of water to cool the air whereas our air conditioners use an environmentally friendly refrigerant (F-gas regulation compliant of course) to ensure cooling at outside temperatures of up to 55°C.

Depending on model, our air coolers can be placed inside or outside the tent or structure you want cooled. Our air conditioners are placed outside your structure and will deliver air conditioning through ducts. As a rule of thumb, evaporative coolers are used where air conditioners will not work properly, are not efficient or simply just too expensive. For example, evaporative coolers are the right choice for open tent structures. In addition, they are a good choice for field hospitals because of their ability to create a healthier and safer indoor climate through improved air quality.


Robust and easy-to-use professional dehumidifiers

Portable dehumidifiers prevent the humidity and condensation problems that often occur in tents and other temporary structures. Master’s DH range of dehumidifiers for professionals are very easy to use – simply turn on power, then set the humidity level you want, and you’re up and running. The units come with an integrated water tank for condensed water but can also be connected to a fixed drainage using a hose. This is ideal for continued operation.


Purpose-built portable blowers built to last

Portable and professional blowers will improve air circulation in your temporary structure and help heating, cooling and drying equipment do the job more efficiently. A wide range of units deliver an air displacement of 750 m³/h and upwards.

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