Bug pest control using heat

In recent years, we have witnessed an increasingly rapid growth of people moving between continents and a growing number of traffic in goods. This has led to the unwanted spread of insects and parasites.

Insects can attack people, the food we eat, lurk in hotel rooms, restaurant kitchens, bakeries, warehouses and more. Not only are they unpleasant in sight, they can also pose a health risk.

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on bug infestations and how environment- and health-friendly

heat treatments resolve them better than anything else.

The use of powerful chemical poisons can help eliminate them but, unfortunately, chemicals come with a number of risks:

Pollution of surrounding areas if poisons leak from the treated area

Contaminating predators that eat contaminated insects
or contaminating people who come in contact with the poisons themselves

Risk of not solving the problem completely when the applied poisons
kill off the adult insects, but not their larvae or eggs

The following articles offer a deep dive into the issue of bug infestation and how efficient bug pest control of today can be done without using any poisonous chemicals at all. Better for the environment. Better for you: