Blower MASTER CDX 20

Air displacement:
1.270 / 1.610 m³/h

Power supply:
220-240/50 V/Hz

Fan speed:
Power consumption:
161 / 179 W
32 pcs
Product size (l x w x h):
520 x 425 x 215 mm
Max. air pressure:
265 Pa
Air current:
blow out
Outlet dimension:
100 x 400 mm
Packaging dimension (l x w x h):
550 x 435 x 230 mm
Fan type:
centrifugal plug fan
IP 44
Net / gross weight:
7,8 / 9 kg

Model description

Flat diffuser
Robust and durable construction
Easy to use and transport
Comfortable handles
3 possible working positions


Control panel, hour counter
Flat diffuser
Small foot for better floor installation

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Where to use

Cellars, basements, pubs Laundry rooms, drying rooms, changing rooms Repair rooms Flooded or moist rooms Warehouses, factories Construction industry Drying buildings Drying wet lining and carpets