•  Using portable air heaters to dry food grade truck tanks

    Using portable air heaters to dry food grade truck tanks

    Tank trucks are designed to safely transport condensed gases, liquid loads or dry bulk cargo across the roads of Europe. They can be made of aluminum, carbon or stainless steel, fiberglass-reinforced plastic or similarly all depending on what they’re designed to transport.
  • Field hospital for COVID-19 patients with BV 77 heaters in the Pyrenees

    Field hospital for COVID-19 patients with BV 77 heaters in the Pyrenees

    Vielha, Val d’Aran, Spain: The local hospital in the Catalonian village of Vielha recently had the fire brigade install a complete field hospital in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Field hospitals and camps

    Field hospitals and camps

    How to create comfortable indoor air in temporary field hospitals and camps? Temporary field hospitals and camps require the installation of professional air handling solutions in order to create a healthy and comfortable environment for both patients and personnel.
  • Construction


    The construction industry is the main target market for Master products. Professional air heaters and dehumidifiers are very often used in this branch. A very important issue when selecting the device is the ability to use it in difficult conditions, which means durable construction and high efficiency are called for.
  • Production & logistics

    Production & logistics

    Heating and ventilation of large manufacturing and storage facilities is usually very costly. Installing and using a traditional heating system is usually expensive and not very effective. Hot air heaters allow to quickly and effectively heat up large areas, ensuring constant influx of hot air as well as proper circulation.
  • Workshops & garages

    Workshops & garages

    Master products can also be used by the so called small businesses, these products have lower rated power, are more compact, and the installation is quick and easy, these products do not generate high running costs. They are frequently used in workshops, car washes and smaller manufacturing businesses.
  • Agriculture


    Work in agriculture is associated with certain conditions. Hence, the equipment has to meet specific requirements. The devices used in livestock and crop storage buildings usually attract more dirt and gather more dust. They are also exposed to toxic gases, including ammonia (this mostly applies to buildings housing livestock).
  • Events & military

    Events & military

    Master products are very widespread in the entertainment industry. Air heaters, ventilators and air conditioners are used both during pre works and during the actual mass events, TV recordings and photoshoots. High mobility and quick installation means that Master products are the perfect solution of temporary...
  • Emergency


    Master product offer includes ready-made solutions for emergency forces responsible for post-flooding clean-up. During emergencies or natural disasters it is necessary to react immediately regardless of conditions. Master products allow to quickly heat up temporary shelters for the victims and to dry up flooded buildings.